In 1986

Haringey Association for Independent Living, HAIL for short, was set up to support people with a learning disability who were living in large hospitals or at home with their families and wanted their own home. HAIL worked closely with Haringey Social Services and local health services to find people places to live and provide support they wanted.

HAIL opened our first registered care home in Bedford Road.


In 2003

HAIL started the employment service, My Way Forward, to support people to get training, work experience and jobs.

The government launched the Supporting People programme, with this new funding HAIL started developing our supported housing and outreach services to support to people live more independently in their own homes.


In 2004

My Way Forward supported Lolita and Pauline to set up Britain’s first dating agency for people with a learning disability, Stars in the Sky.


In 2005

HAIL won both the Leaning Difficulties Community Care Award and the Overall Community Care Award for supporting the launch of Stars in the Sky.


In 2006

HAIL registered with Commission for Social Care Inspection, now Care Quality Commission, to provide homecare support to support people who needed some personal care support to be able to live in their own homes.


In 2007

HAIL started Travel Mate in Wandsworth. This was the first project that trained and paid people with a learning disability, who are good at using public transport, to support people who want learn to travel by themselves.


In 2008

Walter and Mary sewing group was started. Walter and Mary make things and then sell them at local markets.


In 2009

HAIL started to get excited about Personalisation and looked at ways we can make it easy for people to pick and mix their support.

At this point we noticed how much HAIL had changed since we first started, so we decided it was time for us to get a new look. We changed our logo, the colours schemes and got Paul Davies to do us some drawings. We hope you like it!

Jonathan and Allen set up the Green Giants gardening service with help from My Way Forward.


In 2010

People start buying HAIL services with their Individual Budgets.

My Way Forward supported Alex and Claudia start the Spotless cleaning service.

HAIL started working with Sing, Drum and Dance to provide weekly music workshops.

HAIL employed our first Activity Workers to support people to get out and about and do the things they enjoy.


In 2011

HAIL opens the Downshill's Park Community Cafe, providing a training and employment opportunity for people with a learning disability.

In 2015

HAIL took over a small Mental Health charity called The Mental Health Support Association and launched a mental health service line including, advocacy, infomation advice and guidence and service user engagement.