HAIL to WORK, Skills & Talent for a Diverse Work Force

About HAIL to Work

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HAIL to Work is a unique employment service which works across London. HAIL to Work is a non-profit making social enterprises comprising of two services HAIL to Work Cleaning and HAIL to Work Travel Mate staffed entirely by individuals with either a Disability, Mental Health issue or Autism.   


Hail To Work Services

We are committed to providing a professional service to all our customers whilst also supporting those with varying disabilities into paid employment.

 HAIL to Work Cleaning

HAIL to Work Cleaning has been running since 2011 and we now have a team of trained, reliable and friendly cleaners all of whom have either a Disability, Mental Health issue or Autism.
All our cleaners are passionate, committed and willing to work hard and get their hands dirty. Whether it’s your home or place of work, no job is too big or small for us.

Prices start at £11 (+VAT) per hour for one cleaner.

For further information, a quote or to book this service click here


                                                    HAIL to Work Travel Mate

HAIL to Work Travel Mate employs people with a disability, mental health issues or autism to support customers to use London transport.  Travel Mate helps customers access the local community and encourage customers to become more confident in using transport, helping them become less reliant on other means of transport such as cabs and local authority community buses.

Travel Mate offers a flexible and reliable service at times when the customer requires it.

For further information, contact Khameela on hailtowork@hailltd.org or

call 0208 275 6550

Why choose us?

  • HAIL to Work is all about getting skilled and talented people with a Disability, Mental Health issue or Autism into real work opportunities.
  • We are a social enterprise and do not make a profit on any of our services.
  • You should expect quality, dedication, reliability and honesty from all of our trained staff.
  • Our team of amazing staff are DBS checked, fully trained, equipped and supported to provide you with the best possible service.

Feel free to get in touch directly for any further information on any of our services, a quote or to book one of our services. click here

If you are looking to increase the diversity of your workplace, we have a team of talented individuals with a breadth of experience in many areas such as office administration and stewarding. Feel free to contact us directly to see if we can find an individual to fit your need.

Do you have a Disability, Autism or a hidden Disability and want to work for HAIL to Work?

HAIL to Work is always looking for skilled workers with a Disability, Mental Health issue or Autism. If you are interested in working for HAIL to Work Cleaning or as a Travel Mate, Please fill out this referral form and either email or post us the completed form along with your CV. If successful we will arrange for you to have an interview with us.

Contact Khameela Unuth in Haringey on hailtowork@hailltd.org or call on 0208 275 6550
Contact our Wandsworth HUB on employment@hailltd.org or call on 07525 260 879

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Haringey and Wandsworth
Tel: 0208 275 6550
Email: admin@hailltd.org