At HAIL our aim is to provide the best standards of service to our customers at all times. However, we acknowledge there may be times for one reason or another, when some of our customers may be displeased with our service. As part of our policy of continually aiming to improve our service, we are committed to listening and responding to the views of our customers. In fact, such feedback from our customers is positively encouraged. To this end, we aim to ensure that:


  • The comments, compliments & complaints procedure will be simple and prompt.
  • All complaints will be treated fairly and equally and seriously.
  • The customer will be aware at all times of the progress of the complaint.
  • We will respond in a positive manner providing information on the action taken and/or apologising for an error on our part.
  • We will learn from the information provided and put in place effective strategies to ensure effective development in the delivery of our services.


How to make a complaint


The complaints procedure comprises an informal and a formal stage. We recognise often when a complaint is received a quick solution is required for the problem. Our aim is to resolve all matters at the informal stage.  If a complaint cannot be resolved informally then it can proceed to the formal stage.


Please see attached Complaints Procedure here.