Our CEO talks about our new website

Posted: May 14, 2015
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Mobile website
The new responsive (Desktop and Mobile) HAIL website.

"The new website supports HAIL into a new phase of its life. It’s new responsive format and easy access endeavours to get our work and our services to more people within the community.

Our work is based our customer led values and we endeavour to support people to lead their own lives. Our recent work has seen us working with people with mental health issues, and we have gained new workers with skills to support this.

With a new Government (or the old one re-elected) there is uncertainty and changes being experienced for our customers and people that may need services to live their own lives. The new site promotes change, hope, and opportunities and like the site we need to change and support new opportunities and positive outcomes. We are proud to employ over 65 people with a learning disability and mental health issues.

We hope the web site gives you a better insight into HAIL and we hope that you follow us through the site and our tweets"

Kevin Dowd