HAIL works with people with different needs and this includes support around personal care

What do we do?

With HAIL Care you can get support with the more personal aspects of your daily life. HAIL Care offers a range of services:

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Personal Care

  • Assistance to get up and go to bed
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Personal hygiene - toileting, washing, bathing, shaving and hair care
  • Support with eating and drinking
  • Support around continence management
  • Shopping
  • Support with collecting your benefits or pension
  • Support to pay your bills
  • Making meals and snacks
  • Support to look after pets
  • Housework like cleaning, changing the bed, laundry and ironing
  • Support to have health action plans
  • Support to access the health services
  • Support to follow health programmes that other professionals have given you

How we do this?

A trained member of HAIL staff will come and meet with you at a time and a place that suits you. In this meeting we can answer any questions you have and find out what you want HAIL to support you with.

This meeting will help us write a personalised Support Plan.  Your Support Plan is the document that will tell HAIL staff how you would like to be supported and will help us to make an individual support package that meets your exact needs. 

After the meeting we will add up how much you would need  to pay to get the support you want.  HAIL can work with any budget, big or small.

Once you have the price you can then decide if you want to spend your Individual Budget on this sort of service. If you are happy we will ask you to read and sign our agreement that will say in clear language what you want us to do and how we will do it.

If you decide that you would like support from HAIL we will help you to choose the HAIL worker that best suits you.  We think choosing staff is the most important step. We will ask you what sort of person you get on with and would like to work with.  You may like to work with someone who likes the same music as you, be happier with a female or need someone who can speak your language.

From what you tell us we will give you profiles for people we think you might like to work with.  You can choose from these people who you want to support you.

Once your support starts, HAIL will give you a named manager who will check  your support is going well. You can contact the manager to talk about your support and how it is going.

Contact us on:

T: 0208 275 6550

E: admin@hailltd.org


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