HAIL's Mission

HAIL’s Mission is to continually support people with a learning disability, mental health, autism and other vulnerable people to lead their own independent lives.

What HAIL does

Accesses funding and generates income to provide support to people with a learning disability, mental health, autism, other vulnerable people, and their carers to have opportunities and to achieve. Opportunities will include: housing, work, education, leisure and recreation, and relationships. Each person supported by HAIL will receive an individual service which they will be supported to lead.

HAIL is committed to quality in all its services for its customers, and we work to high standards within our Quality Assurance System click here to read our Quality Policy

For all the customers who we support we will ensure that you;

  • Are included within your service and as much as possible or as much as you want to be to lead this.
  • Are treated as a an individual.
  • Have access to the right support, from workers who know what they are doing and are well trained.
  • Have access to decent housing and clear rights of tenure.
  • Know what to do when you are unhappy with us and what we’ll do about it.
  • Have access to learning opportunities at every stage of your life.
  • Have the support to find work and stay in work.
  • Have support to build relationships, and maintain existing relationships with your family and your friends.
  • Have support to stay healthy, informed, and stay safe.
  • Are supported to take risks.
  • Are given access to the right people when things go wrong or when you come to any harm, and to support you to feel safe again and take action against those who harmed you.
  • Your service is owned by you and we will not tell anyone else about this unless you agree to do so or that by not telling someone you may be put at risk.



The following values are used to guide the way that we provide services. All HAIL services will work to these and they will also have individual service principles which are a reference point for staff working in those services. They work alongside each other.

Underpinning values

  • HAIL recognises and celebrates diversity everyone has something to offer, and we can learn from each other.
  • To be supported to uphold basic rights in regard to education, healthcare, housing, and employment, to have the right to offer something to the community and be recognised for that.
  • To recognise that we can get better and better at what we do by listening, learning, and doing.
  • To understand that at times we may do things wrong or that people using the service may not be happy, and to have a fair way of listening to customers, carers and service users and responding to any concerns, openly and transparently.
  • To support people in being safe but recognising that encouraging risk taking and enterprise when it is clearly thought through.
  • To recognise that at times our customers may come to harm and that we may have had some part in this. To act quickly and responsibly using agreed adult protection and safeguarding procedures to support the person getting back to being safe and ensuring that we take action to prevent this happening again.
  • To work in a way that continually offers opportunities to people to be active in their own lives and communities and to remain in control.
  • To work with people as people and to offer services based on need, not just people whom we approve of or feel comfortable with.
  • To attempt to communicate with everyone in their own way and their own language.
  • To work in a person centred way to improve and promote opportunities, rights for inclusion, real relationships, employment and housing.
  • To work in partnership with others to achieve the best possible service for the people we support.
  • To provide creative individually tailored services.
  • To look after our staff, learn from them and nurture and encourage their unique skills.
  • Have clear principles and standards of support based on talking to our stakeholders, government initiatives and best practice. Never compromising and staying true to our values or standards.


Service Principles

Working (HAIL to WORK service)

  • Recognise that people with a disability and other vulnerable people have the right to work and can offer much to the workplace and workforce.
  • Include work opportunities in person centred planning.
  • Offer different opportunities to people including work experience, voluntary work, meaningful occupation as well as paid employment.
  • Support people accessing work and giving people the opportunity to move away from the benefit system.
  • Recognise that everyone who has a disability or who is vulnerable has skills and abilities which can be tapped into and developed.
  • Recognise that people may need ongoing support to work and to make this support available.
  • Support people to learn and gain skills which will help them in gaining work.
  • Help the community identify work opportunities for people with a disability and other vulnerable people.
  • Celebrate success and achievement for people.
  • Provide staff that are informed, competent and who understand and promote the values of HAIL in their everyday work.


Service Principles

Learning (HAIL QCF Centre and HAIL to Work service)

  • Recognise that people with a disability have the right to community education throughout their lives.
  • Providing support to access education.
  • Include education in person centred planning.
  • Provide opportunities which move away from traditional models of occupational and day opportunities.
  • Providing access to real education based on achievement, personal development and growth, and recognising that this may need ongoing support and encouragement.
  • Offering recognised accredited learning in relation to the Qualifications and Credit Framework which support portfolios and evidence of learning and development.
  • Celebrate success and achievement for people.


Service Principles

Living (Housing and Support Services)

  • Recognise and promote the rights of people with a disability and other vulnerable people to have access to decent community housing.
  • Include housing and support with person centred planning together with health and wellbeing action planning.
  • Support people to live safely and healthily and to manage risks.
  • Support people to access monies which may be available to them to maximise income and choice.
  • Ensure that people have choices in regard to where they live, who they live with, together with access to move on options in the future.
  • Work in partnership with housing providers to seek opportunities which support long term housing and rights of tenure.
  • Support people to sustain their tenancy and to understand their responsibilities as a tenant.
  • Provide staff that are informed, competent and who understand and promote the values of HAIL in their everyday work.


Service Principles

Loving (Stars in the Sky)

  • Recognise that people with a disability and other vulnerable people have a right to choose their friends and to develop relationships, including emotional and sexual relationships.
  • Include friendships and relationships within person centred planning.
  • Recognise and value family, friends, and carers within the circles of support, to support regular contact with them where this is determined by the individual in their person centred plan.
  • Provide support, information, advice and guidance which is sensitive, manages risk, is safe, and is non judgmental.
  • Provide access to support which includes consideration for sexual education, financial education and staying healthy.
  • Decrease the number of paid professionals within peoples circles of support.
  • Support opportunities for people outside of family visits and day opportunities services, promoting access to community activities which inform, stimulate, and encourage informed choice, and fun.
  • Provide staff that are informed, competent and who understand and promote the values of HAIL in their everyday work.